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Houston Roof Contractors



If you are planning a new home, remodeling one that already exists, or have suffered the rage of one of Houston's major storms, you may have to deal with roofing. When roof repairs are needed, you can put your faith in Katy Contractors to get the job done. We've been putting roofs over Houston residents' heads for over four decades.In the case of new construction, roofing is a given. You have no other options but to put a roof on the home.

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The roof type you select depends on the city's finest building codes, homeowners association guidelines, budget, and aesthetic preferences. As a custom-home builder and roofing contractor, we will assist you choose the correct roof for your house. We work with all types of roofing construction supplies and can urge just right roofing supplies for the extreme Houston weather conditions.

Rebuilding your house may or may not involve roofing; it simply depends on the extent of the job and your current roof's condition. For instance, adding room additions or adding a second story to your house requires roofing.  If your existing roof is in good shape, we can select the roofing materials of the addition to match. If the current roof is in so-so condition or composed of undesirable roofing supplies, we may recommend re-roofing the entire house as part of the remodel.

Storms cause a tremendous amount of damage to the roof-tops of Houston and we are ready to respond when you urgently need our help. If your home's roof is severely structurally damaged, we'll prioritize the job in order to secure your house as quickly as possible.

No matter what reason you are contemplating our roofing services, you'll be delighted with our offerings. We work extremely hard to ensure that you get the right type of roofing supplies for the Houston area and that all projects are done professionally. Our staff of roofers is well-trained. Our expert roofers are experts at installing and repairing roofs.  

Allow us to help you find the correct roofing. You want a roof that looks nice, is durable, and is energy-efficient, right? We're well-equipped to deliver a superior roofing installation that will last for many years to come.

We deal with Houston to get each of the applicable paperwork on every single one of our rebuilding and remodeling jobs. Whether your home's roof was destroyed in a storm, your roof is simply old and worn, or you need roofing work as part of your brand-new home construction or remodeling project, you'll be glad you chose the expert roofers from Katy Contractors. 

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