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Houston Kitchen Remodeling



We love remodeling the kitchens of Houston residents! We've worked on kitchens in all flavors from rustic, old-world, country, and traditional to contemporary and modern kitchens. We've been involved in intimate and gourmet and professional designs. We can help you create the kitchen you want from concept to completion.

First, we'll visit your Houston home and look at your current situation and discuss ideas for what you expect your kitchen to become. We take everything into account like your style choice, the architectural styling of the neighborhood, space, budget, materials, and the current trends in kitchen design.

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Reconstructing your kitchen can greatly increase your home's appeal to Houston house hunters however it's more than just a smart investment; you'll love your new kitchen! We've heard from many people who have remodeled their kitchens in preparation for the Houston real estate market. Most say that they shouldn't have waited so long so they could appreciate their new kitchen. Don't remodel for somebody else, remodel your kitchen for yourself.

We'll help you choose the perfect appliances to make each and every one of your cooking tasks easier than ever. From efficient appliances, energy-efficient appliances, or built-in appliances to match the cabinets, we'll help you select the right ones.

Deciding on the appropriate cabinetry and counters is a big part of the design process as is picking out the right type of flooring. Other considerations include sink, faucets, lighting, windows, and the overall design of your kitchen. Does your Houston kitchen require additional space or can we use the current space and a better layout? Is there enough room to add a dining nook or small workstation? These are all decisions that you and our design team will figure out together.

After making the decisions, the plans have been drawn, the resources ordered, and the crew scheduled, the kitchen remodeling work will begin. This is both exciting as well as hard for Houston homeowners. We strive to keep the interference as minimal as can be under the circumstances because it's obvious to us what it's like when the house is being remodeled.

During the kitchen remodel, plan on getting to know the local Houston restaurants much better as you won't be able to cook as often as you want. If you have a motor home or RV, you might mull over parking it in front of your home and using it as a temporary mess hall.     

 Your patience and sacrifices will pay off once you see your brand-new kitchen. Your ideals will turn into reality and you will look forward to cooking, eating, and entertaining in your customized surroundings. 


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