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Houston House Remodelers

One word: fabulous! We hired Katy Contractors for a complete kitchen makeover. While I knew the natural stone kitchen counters would be dazzling, I was amazed with the attention to detail spent on the rest of the work. Everything came together into a cohesive, well-designed look. Not only does the kitchen look great, it's a pleasure to work in. Everything is where it's supposed to be.   - J. Staples, Huntsville TexasHouston Kitchen Remodel

Your attention to detail on my second story addition blew me away. Every single bit of the remodel is perfect. From the molding work along the ceilings to the baseboards along the floor, everything was built incredibly well. It's like living in a custom-built home that the contractor built for himself. - Maggie Reynolds, Katy Texas

I never realized a bathroom could be so breathtaking. The tile work is gorgeous and the tub is huge. I appreciate coming home from work each day simply so that I can relax in the tub. - Julie Meyers - Spring TX

The supervisor and construction workers on the job were great. They were qualified, respectful, and were able to complete the job. I expected loud music and fast food wrappers all over the jobsite and was wonderfully surprised at the caliber of workers you sent out. - D. Boudreaux, Houston Texas

We contracted Katy Contractors to consider adding a room addition because my mother-in-law needed a place to live. Not only did they build the add-on, they listened and paid attention to our ideas and incorporated them into the design. We wanted mom to have some measure of privacy and autonomy and they delivered. She loves the separate entrance, private bath, and kitchenette! - James Spreeman, Houston Texas

I fell in love with your work and will recommend you again in a heartbeat. -  Thomas Wright, Galveston TX
I needed a new roof and was anxious about the entire process. Would the new roof last? Would it look nice? How pricey will it be? I'm happy to say that your company calmed me down and that the roof continues to look stunning - even after over fifteen years!  - Ellen May - Sugarland Texas

My new kitchen and family room are a dream come true. I hoped for a place where I can entertain where we'd have plenty of work space yet still have cozy nooks for one-on-one visits. Now I have both. Job well done! -  Patsy Broussard - Kingwood TX

The remodel went smoothly and stayed within my budget and time frame. There were no unpleasant surprises along the way either. And the finished project is exactly what I was dreaming of! - Christopher Whitmore - Bellaire Texas

The bathroom remodel went well - until we found out the high-end faucets we wanted were on back order. While that was a discouraging sign, the workers at City Wide took care of the problem by installing temporary faucets and returning later on with the high-end faucets we had wanted originally! - Patrick Morris - The Woodlands Texas

Everyone told us to brace myself when rebuilding our kitchen. They told me it would be a total disaster. Those people must not have used Katy Contractors! Our remodel was on track, within our time frame and budget, and simply spectacular! - Larry Simon, Spring Branch TX



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